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Ms. Hutcheson's Page

ENL 2022 --
Please be sure you are keeping up with your Semester Project -- if you procrastinate, you'll regret it!

This Week's Assignment


AP - Watch Shrek. Take notes regarding the characteristics and behaviors of the 4 main characters. Part I of Archetype project assigned this week.

ENL - Watch Branagh movie - take notes regarding major differences between the text and the movie in preparation for part of Take home midterm.

AML - Discuss Robert Frost poems.

E4H - Watch Branagh film - note major differences between the text and the movie in preparation for take home midterm.


Last Week's Assignment

Week 3/1
ENL 2022
Discuss Frankenstein
Journal and Extra Credit Study Guide due 3/1
3/1 - Test Byron and Keats
AML 2020
Discuss E. A. Robinson
Read Robert Frost(as per syllabus)
3/1 - Test on Wharton and Crane
Week: 2/23
ENL 2022
Discuss Keats
Read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein; read articles (on the handout page)and write a 1 page summary of one of the first two articles. Be sure to include a Works Cited entry for the article you choose. This will count as your journal assignment for this time -- and since your papers are due Friday, you may submit your journal entry on Monday, 3/1, before you take your test on Byron and Keats.
Extra credit - Shelley study questions, due 3/1 (Tips & Hints page)
AML 2020
Wharton test moved to Monday, 3/1 - will be combined with Crane test
Discuss Crane
Extra Credit -- Crane study questions, due 3/1 (Tips & Hints page)
(M) Assign Paper for Fahrenheit 451; (T) Study Hall (W) Unit Test -- Short Story Seminars; (Th) Paper due -- Discuss Timed Writings; (F) Essay Terms Vocab test -- Novel Activity
Extra credit - Bradbury study questions, due 3/1 (Tips & Hints)
(M) Reading Day - Work on Journal; (T) Quiz - Frankenstein -- Finish Novel for Friday; (W) Reading Day -- work on Journal; (Th) Cap-n-Gown Day, bring  $40.00; (F) Vocabulay 1-25 
Extra Credit - Shelley study questions, due 3/1 (Tips & Hints)
ENL 2022 -- Read Keats - "La Belle Dame sans Merci," The Eve of St. Agnes," and "When I Have Fears" -- discuss Byron
AM 2022 - Work on Paper #1 - Due Friday, 2/20; Discuss Edith Wharton's "Soul's Belated" and "The Eyes" (Test Tuesday - 2/24); Read Stephen Crane's "Open Boat" and "The Blue Hotel"
AP -- (T) Finish Reading Seminars; (W) Reading day, Fahrenheit 451 (Th) make study guides for Unit Test (Wed. 2/25 - moved for Latin National Exams 2/24) and AP Vocab test #1 (Friday, 2/27); (F) Timed wiritng - Comp/Contrast birds (2003, question 3).
Eng 4 Honors -- (T)Reading quiz Frankenstein (I-5), finish discussion of Blake's "Holy Thursday"s;(W) Reading day (p. 41-66), discuss literary term, GOTHIC; (Th) Reading quiz Frankenstein (6-9), discuss questions regarding text and plot; (F) Work on Reading Scrapbook - due 3/2/04.



Next Week's Assignment

AP - Part I Archetype Project due on Monday, 3/15. We will begin working on Part II of the Archetype Project in the Library T-Th. Final Terminology test Thursday in the Library.
ENL - M- Discuss the Marxist Criticism of Frankenstein.
Discuss Browning and Tennyson. (Test after Spring Break?)
AML - Discuss Wallace Stevens
E4H - Begin Student Teaching Project. In Library T-Th.